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Between a couple different imports from apple school manager and our LDAP directory I have twice the users I should have. Is there a way to merge duplicates together into a single record that I am missing? Thanks!
Does anyone have a script or a workflow to identify users who are connected to a mobile hotspot instead of a school or corporate network? Trying to identify and squash the issue that is apparently running rampant in my building. Thanks!
Is there a trick to making the restricted apps payload not nuke users web clips? Thanks!
Didn't see this posted on the forums, so I figured i'd share for those who haven't seen it. Big things happening: edit nevermind, I found the thread.
Anyone know if there is a specific reason why you can't target certain fields on a Smart User group? For example - Room and/or other Smart Device groups? Or a work around? I have elementary iPads tagged to a room, and setup in a smart group. But now ...