Blocking "try the new safari" and "upgrade to macos sierra" banner notifications?

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Is there a way to block these pesky banner notifications? I just upgraded some systems to El Capitan as we're not prepared to deal with the Sierra headaches and these notifications are popping up all over. It's especially irritating in a lab environment.


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You need to run your own apple software update server to do that. Try using Reposado ( to host your own Apple software updates. And Margarita is a nice web front end for Reposado ( I use that and I never pushed out the banner notifications when they came through so my users didn't see them.

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Thanks. There's a work request in for the guys to setup an apple software update server on a mac mini the dept purchased so I guess once that's up and going this can be dealt with. I was hoping I could just disable the automatic update feature in the app store system preferences for the time being but the banners keep coming up.

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@jhuls To dismiss the Try the New Safari notification, I modify the preference using the Defaults command.

defaults write SuccessfulLaunchTimestamp -string "5.108473e+08"

I do the same for the New to macOS

defaults write seed- -date "$(date)"

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$ defaults read-type SuccessfulLaunchTimestamp
Type is float