Blocking Safari Extensions via Configuration Profile

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Hi Jamf Nation Guru,


We managed to block extensions in Chrome and Edge on our Macs by configuring custom settings in JamfPro.

However, we couldn't find a similar solution for Safari. Have you had any success with blocking extensions on this browser?




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Safari is notoriously difficult to manage. I dont think you can manage Safari extensions anymore beyond blocking the app that generates the extension. 

If I need to block a few specific extensions or apps that generates the extension, is that possible? Do you happen to have a plist or an example that I can refer to?

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Can you clarify if you used a configuration profile on Jamf Pro for that?

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All safari extensions should be coming from the MacApp store, if you have the mac app store blocked this should solve extensions in safari.  this can be done with a restrictions setting in a config profile.  I would recommend testing this throughly before pushing it out though in case you have users who need access to the app store.

Gabe Shackney
Princeton Public Schools