Boston Area User Group Meeting - Wednesday Evening!

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Hi all! Looking forward to our meeting coming up in a couple days. If you haven't already registered, please do so.

You'll hear from JAMF about their latest offerings, about running your own Adobe Update server for creative cloud, and an amazing cool and simple tool called BitBar (

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


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Hey Todd,

I will be there, however I am no longer part of the Broad! Hopefully the let me in the building ;)

Rick Lincoln

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I didn't know you left! Hope you're having fun wherever you are. I look forward to hearing about it tomorrow.

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I hope you all have fun. I'll be missing you all this time around.

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HI Todd, I'm registered but cannot make it, catch you all next time.

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I'm coming, but I'll get there a bit late: company cocktail hour first!

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@Dooley @Chris_Hafner Sorry we won't see you! We'll schedule the next one for shortly after JNUC. Hopefully you can make the next.

@emax Please bring enough for everyone! Drive safely!

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Hi folks. From the meeting yesterday, in case anyone didn't catch the url or other info, here are some items from the discussion/presentation on BitBar:

Main BitBar page
BitBar github - current release 1.9.2
BitBar github beta - current release 2.0 beta 10

I do plan on releasing some cleaned up, ready for consumption versions of the BitBar plug-ins I showed yesterday. I will probably post them to start on my own github page, but I may also submit them to the BitBar repo in addition. I'll post back on this thread (to keep things together) once I have something ready.

Good to see folks at the meeting yesterday. See everyone at the next one!