Bulk Device Removal

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We currently have multiple Pre-Stage Enrollments in place. One for Middle School Students, one for High School Students, one for Middle School Staff, and one for High School Staff.

It has been recommended that we flatten our pre-stage one or two enrollments, however we assign the devices to a Site (Middle School/High School) during the enrollment process. This triggers Site Specific Policies to run (printer installs, software installs, etc.) and prep the device for use in that building.

Were we to only have two enrollments (Staff and Student), What would be the best way to assign those devices to their respective sites after the fact, or do we have the most efficient setup?

Additionally, we want to know if there's a way to Bulk Remove device records from devices that have been enrolled?

Thank you for any suggestions you may have.



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I can't add any information to your first question, I have a single building. But as far as Bulk Removing, make a smart group for the computers you want to remove or if you have smart groups created. Go to that group, click on (in the bottom right) View->Action-> Select Delete Computers and click Next->Select Delete Computers and you that should delete the device records

This should remove records, but does not delete from JSS, they should remain in your pre-stage enrollments as un-enrolled units, so they can be run through pre-stage enrollments again.