Bulk upload of location details for IOS devices

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Hi all, long time reader first time poster here.

At the school whjere I run the IT support, we are about to have some 1200 iPads managed by Casper for use by students. Each student has their own Active Directory ID (bound to the JSS) that has been shown to work when enrolling into the JSS, but as we want the iPads enrolled before the students get them, we aren't going to know who will get each one at enrollment time.

This of course means that the Location info - username, real name, email address etc. - isn't populated with the correct details, and will have to be added later once we have a list of who has which iPad.

Having looked through the discussions here, I haven't found a good way of bulk uploading IOS device inventory location information. I've had a look at the Computer Import app incuded in the Casper Suite SDK, but this doesn't do anything for IOS device inventory.

Does anyone know of a utility or some method that allows update from a CSV or XLS list? The thought of manually updating 1200+ inventory records doesn't really appeal.


David McIver

Thomas Carr College,
Melbourne, Australia.


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We would like this as well. I have started on a SQL command to update the location information. I would like something a little better if someone knows of something, but if not I will proceed and share.

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We would like this as well...any response?