Buying VPP items through ASM?

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Sorry if this has been answered before...

Once I start buying VPP items directly from Apple School Manager, how do I let Jamf Pro know where to look for them? I'm assuming there's a token somewhere that I'll need to upload to Jamf Pro, but I can't find it.




You're right, there is a token. If you click into the Location that holds the VPP items, you should be able to download the token from there. Then that gets uploaded to Settings > Global Management > VPP Accounts

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Remember, each of the locations in your ASM account will have it's own token. You will be able to move the licenses between the different locations as you choose fit.

This way you can have different servers each use a different token and still be able to manage the licenses from one account and move the licenses.

Or, you can put everything under one location and use that one token for everything on your server, regardless of anything else.

Example: A school district has three schools, ie locations, and each has their own VPP token in ASM. You can assign licenses to each token and use that location's token for the corresponding school to nicely device up the licenses. Or, you can poll all license to one location's token and have all three school pull from that token. Remember it is just a name for a token and nothing more.

Our district went with pooling the licenses since dividing them up amounts 40 tokens is just too much work.

Some of that may have been extra info you already knew but I thought I would throw it in there. If what I said made sense.

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I must be blind, or have mis-configured this somehow. When I click into a specific location, all I see are three blue buttons at the top labeled "Inspections," "Show," and "Edit." There's a Delete Location button at the bottom as well.

Do I perhaps need to contact Apple perhaps to have something specific done to our ASM instance?

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In ASM>Apps and Books, have you clicked the "Get Started" button and followed the directions?
I have not done this yet.
Waiting til after I upgrade JamfPro to 10.1.1.


After upgrading your account to an Apps and Books account, you can find the Location tokens by clicking on the Settings in the bottom left-hand corner of the ASM window. Once in the settings, you will see My Profile and Apps and Books. Clicking on Apps and Books will let you see your Locations and download the Location tokens. Hope this helps!

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Thanks Josh!

Settings > Apps and Books is what I was looking for.