BYOD Profile Changes - Do they have to re-enroll??

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First I want to state that this is my first post in the community. I also want to stress that I have very little knowledge of Jamf and I do not administer Jamf in our organization.

I am trying to verify information I was told as it doesn't seem correct to me. We have a mid sized organization with a mix of corporate and BYOD devices that are managed by Jamf. Due to some recent infrastructure changes I requested that our Jamf administrator update the email settings on all devices.

I was told that if they make any changes to the BYOD profile for the email that all BYOD users will have to re-enroll their devices in order to get the new profile. This does not sound right to me because that would mean anytime we need to change something 1k+ users would have to re-enroll.

Can someone confirm or deny for me this info. If it is not true then any guesses as to what they are doing wrong that would cause BYOD devices to have to re-enroll anytime a change is made?



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Short answer: No, devices do not need to be re-enrolled to get new or updated profiles.

The short answer may now leave your more confused given what you've been told, so here's some more things to know.

When a profile is updated and delivered to the device it's like a swap out. Think of your meal at a restaurant being taken from you while a new one is put down. If the profile being updated is for something like Wi-Fi access, you'll want to test profile delivery as you may take away network access to the device when the old profile is removed and then it can't receive the new profile. (I may be over simplifying things here for the sake of conversation, don't hold it against me.)

Based on how you explained it, it sounds like there is something that maybe has broken about how BYOD devices are managed that would prevent new or updated profiles from being delivered. It's possible you're not getting the full explanation about the progress of something being worked on? Or they are redoing the BYOD enrollment due to some Apple and Jamf improvements.

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Thanks for the response. I understand what you are saying and the Wi-Fi profile swap makes complete sense. I am only wanting the email settings to point to a different DNS name. I am wondering if perhaps they have all the settings in a single payload. If I am understanding you correctly if they had Wi-Fi and email settings in the same payload it swaps the entire payload out even if you are only changing a subset of the settings. This would make sense as to why they are saying it breaks and then devices have to be re-enrolled.