Bypass Password requirement while performing Major Updates on macOS machines with Apple processors.

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Hello Team,


We are stuck in upgrading the OS version on the MAC system with the Apple Silicon processor.

We are trying to upgrade the MAC system with the Apple Silicon processor with the Bash command.

When we initiate installation on the system using the Bash command, it prompts credentials for the root user to proceed further even if we are executing the command using the root user.

Bash script executes using the Root user and the installation on the MAC system with an Apple Silicon processor will not work until we pass credentials for the root user.

Do we have steps/commands for the Bash script to perform a macOS upgrade by bypassing the password requirement on the MAC system with the Apple Silicon processor


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@mandev The only way to force an update on Macs with Apple Silicon processors without providing credentials for a user with volume ownership is via MDM command. Take a look at S.U.P.E.R.M.A.N. as a tool to drive that via Jamf Pro:

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After reading the pages, it mentioned below 


Even with root privileges super can not enforce software updates on Mac computers with Apple Silicon without additional update credentials.

For Mac Computers with Apple Silicon super supports a local software update workflow via the softwareupdate command. However, this method requires access to local update credentials for Mac computers with Apple Silicon. (Mac computers with Intel do not require additional local software update credentials.)

And we are looking for a command that can bypass the Password requirement on the Apple Silicon processor.

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@mandev As per the line following the one you quoted from the S.U.P.E.R.M.A.N. wiki page (

For computers (Intel or Apple Silicon) with macOS 11.5 or later, super supports a MDM push software update workflow via Jamf Pro API credentials. On older systems the Jamf Pro API credentials will still be validated and saved but the MDM push software update workflow will not be attempted until the system is at least macOS 11.5.

In other words while S.U.P.E.R.M.A.N. can force the update on a Mac with an Apple Si processor via an MDM command triggered using the Jamf Pro API

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Were using erase-install ( to allow standard users to upgrade their macOS.  It uses a combination of mist-cli and swiftdialog to download and install any version.  Highly configurable to meet your needs as well.