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I tried researching this but couldn't find the answer I am looking for. In our campus, we have a laptop loaning center where students are able to pick up a laptop for 4 hours and bring it back. Nothing is being saved on the devices and they use their own login. With that being said, they also want to loan out iPads to use certain apps for the students to be loaned out. Now we already block the Apple ID and the App Store so the students don't have to enter their personal accounts. What we are looking to do is when the student is finished with the iPad and returns it, we want to erase the content on it (Safari tabs, saved keynotes, pages and numbers document etc.) so when someone else rents the iPad it would clean for them to use.

Just to note also is the ones handing out our iPads are student workers which we don't want them to have access to the JSS. We do have apple school manger as well but using Classroom doesn't seem the answer I am looking for as well, unless someone can give me a way to do what we are looking for.

Any suggestions will help greatly, thanks.



My first thought would be to use Configurator.
Setup a configuration for your installation, and when you attach an iPad it can automatically restore it to that state.

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Configurator no longer auto restores on attach. That was a Configurator 1 feature, which has long since been retired. Configurator 2 -- in theory -- could be scripted to do so, but it isn't a built in feature. However, it's not that hard to simply setup a "blueprint" that does an erase all content and settings. All your employees in your checkout center would have to do is connect the devices, select them within Configurator 2, and apply the blueprint. It's rather easy to document.

Ground Control still offers auto restore on attach, but there's a cost per device to use it. Ground Control also has separate cloud-based configuration from what they call the "launchpad," the software that actually performs the work on the iOS devices. This means all your employees in your checkout center would have access to is the launchpad, and configuration of the iPads remains centralized within IT.