Can a Site Admin manage Scripts like they can Policies and Profiles?

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I can't seem to find the reference, but recently I read something that indicated that the admins of our Jamf "Sites" could manage their own Scripts, much like they do for Policies and Configuration Profiles. However, if I log into my Jamf environment as one of the Site Admins, then go to Settings, I do not see Scripts as an option. I also don't see a way, from the Full Jamf Pro side, to assign a script to a site. So is this possible? If so, this would make some of our company-wide Jamf management a good bit simpler.



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You can give them the ability using Group Permissions, but they will continue to be global scripts. All of your site admins will have access to all of the scripts in the database.

I manage an instance with 5000 devices and 15 sites and I give the site admins the ability to create, read, update scripts. They have similar permissions for most of the other management options like packages and directory bindings.