Can I push a provisioning profile?

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Our company's In-House App's provisioning profile is about to expire. And, the provisioning profile it uses is bundled within the .ipa file. Ideally, I would prefer not to require our employees to update the app just to get an update to the provisioning profile. Is there a way to push an updated provisioning profile to iPad? I see the place to upload the profile, but it doesn't give the option to push it.

I do realize I can email it out to staff (assuming they have their email on the iPad), but that is only slightly different from the app update. I'd prefer a hand's off approach for the end user.


Thanks for any suggestions or help,


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you MAY be able to upload it and re-link the app to the new profile, but my guess is the app would still need to be updated. You can try the app record, you can change the "Provisioning Profile" field from "bundled in IPA" to whatever you have uploaded separately. My guess, however, is that it wont push out.

Let us know what you find out! We'll be running into this in a couple months, but i'm pushing our developers to have the updates they have planned done before then, so we can just push the new version and not worry about it.