Can I use the PreStage tool if the device is not enrolled in DEP?

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Prestage Enrollment, No. Without DEP you would have no computers/devices to scope any prestage to. Direct from the Admin Guide:

Note: The computers listed on the Scope tab are the computers that are associated with the Device Enrollment Program via the server token file (.p7m) you downloaded from Apple's Volume Services Portal.

See the Casper Admin Guide for full info.

Prestage Imaging, yes. You can do this with computers, not mobile devices using "Prestage Imaging" and uploading "Mac Addresses, Serial Numbers, or use Network Segments".

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We use a prestage with Mac OS X scoped by network segment. So you should be able to if you are asking about computers. I don't manage iOS so I can't help you there : )


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@gachowski is correct, you can use Pre-Stage Imaging without the necessity of DEP. Pre-Stage Imaging can be scoped by serial number, MAC address, or by network segment.

Of course, if you are talking about PreStage Enrollment, then yes, you cannot use that without DEP.

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