Can I view past device names for an iOS device?

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Is there a way to view the past names that have been assigned to a device? I have a few devices that were returned to me, but they were wiped and their name is now "iPad" in Jamf. If I could check logs to see what the name was before it was wiped it would save a lot of hassle trying to figure out where they came from. 


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The device will report the GPS coordinates of the point where the device receives the command. This feature adds additional protection to mobile devices and their data in the event that a device is lost or stolen. Note: Jamf Now is not able to track the location of enrolled devices that are not in Lost Mode.

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Thanks for the reply. I wasn't able to see the GPS coordinates you mentioned, but even so that doesn't help since I'm in possession of the iPads so I know their GPS coordinates. I'm wondering if I could see the last name of the iPad before it was wiped. Is that stored in the logs somewhere?

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In an iPad inventory record in the Jamf web interface > any tab and any item in sidebar > History button down the bottom > some of the Details button on the right should show different names that might help