Can Jamf control iPadOS default browser yet?

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With iPadOS 14+, it's now possible to set 3rd party browsers as the default (hooray!). I just updated my Jamf installation to 10.25.1, thinking there might be some additional control options for this now.

I've poked around a bit, but I don't see anywhere to set this. Is this, or will it ever be, possible to set across an entire school?


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Guess only you and I would like to get our students off Safari...

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I don't believe there is a configuration profile payload to set the default browser in iPadOS.

I'd be recommending you lodge feedback with Apple as this is something Jamf has no control over. Once a payload is available, it will make its way into the product at some point in the future.

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@cboatwright - You'd think this would've been an immediate request as soon as they made the change... I submitted a feature request, so maybe something will come of it in a future release. We have some websites that only work with Chrome, so it'd be really nice to have control over this.

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What i thought was interesting was that Apple put this option as a setting in 3rd Party browser settings instead of in Safari settings or system settings. For example, to set Chrome as the default browser, you have to go in to Chrome settings and change it.

So, I wonder, could this setting be set with a App Config profile for Chrome (or Edge, etc)? I haven't seen anything like that yet.

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This is available for webclips in JAMF School. I haven’t looked much further than that.

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I heard from a user of ours who deployed our SPIN Safe Browser + AppConfig who hid Safari, removed all other installed browsers except SPIN and iOS would prompt the user the first time a URL is tapped on to open in... tap on SPIN and then iOS remembered our browser as the default.