Can we re-supervise an iPad?

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I have an iPad that was supervised.
We signed into our jamf dashboard, found the iPad, and deleted it.
If we want to use the device again, can we re-supervise it without resetting and starting from scratch?
The MDM profile stayed on it, but it is not visible when we sign into the dashboard.



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supervision and enrolled are two different things. You can enroll it to Jamf Pro anytime if you have user-based enrollment enabled. Just go to the website of your MDM (https://mdm.yourdomain.whatever/enroll:8443 - for example) and do the enrollment process. You should delete the management profile before re-enrollment. You end up with having a mdm-enrolled iPad but not necersarrely supervised.

For supervision you either need DEP and a DEP-Profile with supervision on enrollment activated or you need to use Apple Configurator supervise the device and than enroll it. Last solution is a pain in the b**. But in both cases supervision requires to set the device to factory defaults (wipe the device)

A dirty solution could be to use a local stored backup from iTunes to restore the device (the backup must be created while the iPad was supervised) and after that enroll it again. Could activate supervision...but not for sure.

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@tsossong the URL should be https://mdm.yourdomain.whatever:8443/enroll (basically your JSS URL)
@aarond If the Device was Supervised via AC2, try to enroll it via OTA (URL above) and it should re-enroll the device and keep the Supervision.

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Thanks for the replies.
I’m new to this system so sorry if I get lost here - still trying to figure out what I’m saying.

I’m guessing the answer to my question is no, but I thought I’d check. Seems to me like a system like this would have more options.

In the case of my example iPad, once we deleted it from JSS, I don’t see a way to remove the MDM profile from the device.
Is there a trick for that that I don’t know?
Because after we delete the object in the JSS, the MDM profile stays and we are unable to re-enroll it.

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Normaly to remove the MDM Profile by simply go to settings -> profiles -> tab on the mdm-profile and hit remove. If thats not gona work it could be a indication for the iPad is still supervised. If the iPad is enrolled with DEP (Device Enrollment Programm) the chances are high its supervised and you cant remove the MDM-Profile even the device is not enrolled to Jamf Pro anymore. Just enroll it again (URL from xlouiex is right mine has port and /enroll twisted) and see what happens.

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Removing the MDM profile as you described is not an option, so I'm guessing as you said that it is still supervised and that is the cause.

So I'm back to trying to manage the device.
When I tried to enroll it again, I could get as far as downloading the config profile, it shows the the profile, I can view details, etc... but the install button in the upper right corner is not there.
Is that a bug or also a result of the device being supervised still?

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that means it can see that the profile is already there and cannot overwrite it. we have seen this before as well and the following workflow is the only way to restore and retain data that i have found:

  1. make an iCloud backup
  2. DFU restore the device
  3. re-enroll through the setup assistant and set up as new iPad (this will get it back on the books; don't restore from backup yet, the JSS won't know what's going on and there will be communication issues between the device and the server if you are able to actually get the configuration to come down - i've never had luck)
  4. WIPE the device with a management command from the JSS
  5. go through the setup assistant AGAIN and restore from that backup

a couple of extra steps will restore the supervision/management of the device and preserve the data. hope this helps!