Cannot add printers with Jamf Admin app

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Hey y'all,

I can anyone add printers via the Jamf Admin-app on 10.42. I can click the menu-button, but no dialog shows up. If I rapidly click it several times I can see a dialog for a split second, but it disappears almost immediately.

I see this on all my machines here, MDM enrolled, not enrolled, profile manager enrolled, virtual machine, everywhere.

I'm running Monterey 12.6.1 and 12.6, but it happens also on Ventura.

Does anyone else see this and/or have a workaround for me?




You may be better looking at deploying printers via a script

lpadmin -p "PrinterShortName" -v "Printing Protocol - smb or led://Printer IP address or DNS Name/" -P "Printer Driver Location" -D "Printer Real Name" -L "Printer Location" -o printer-is-shared=false -o auth-info-required=negotiate

lpadmin -p "PrinterShortName" -o Any options you want configured


You can get your current default printer options via terminal and running the command

lpoptions -l


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Thank you for your response. What would be the benefit of using a script instead of the build in way from Jamf (despite the obvious fact that I cannot upload printers at this time)? I use the build in Printer-type to deploy and am quite happy so far.
I _just_ can't upload any new printers with the Admin app.

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Hey Morgan,

I am also experiencing this issue running Jamf Admin 10.42.1 on macOS Venture 13.0.1.  
Launch Jamf Admin > Click on "Add Printers" > Dialog prompt, "Jamf Admin wants to make changes enter your password to allow this" > Successful Auth > Click "Add Printers" = No result
Double Click "Add Printers" = Brief popup display with headers Add | Name | Kind which quickly goes away.  I will be contacting support about this.

Hello did you find a solution for this? I am having the same issue.

Hey acamare10,

I was recommended to try this:
1. Close Jamf Admin
2. Open Terminal and run:


sudo touch /Library/Preferences/com.jamfsoftware.jamf.plist


3. Open Jamf Admin, and add a Printer

This worked for a few devices, while others were device specific and had to be reset.

Thanks for the reply, I will give it a try.