Cannot get MicrosoftAuto update Deadline to work?

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I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. I can not get the deadline popup to work no matter what I do. Can someone give me a premade .PLIST with forced deadline enabled that is working? Not sure if the error is in my PLIST file or not.


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What version of AutoUpdate are you running in your environment? The latest is 4.23 and I don't believe it will be installed with an Office update until Office 16.38 releases this Tuesday, June 22.

Earlier versions have had issues and the release this month is suppose to address many of them including deadlines. If you want to download 4.23 now, you can get it at near the bottom of the page.

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Pretty much no version of MAU with the forced deadline feature, up to and including MAU 4.23, will reliably/correctly display the deadline popup. You will want to download the standalone MAU 4.24 installer when it's released on June 22nd if it's not part of the Office 16.38 release.

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There is a known bug, the MSFT engineers on Slack know, I worked with premiere support and it is being worked on. Hopefully very soon they will have it fixed.

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Has anyone had success getting this feature to work again?

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After MSFT fixed the bugs it has been working quite well for us