Cannot reach the license agreement for Jamf Pro Setup Assistant

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So I am watching the Jamf Training video to setup my new Jamf Pro instance. I get to the part where I set and confirm our tenant name, and create the instance for Jamf Pro.


Success there, the Instance Status shows as 'Operational', and I move onto the next step as described in the video by clicking the "Log in" button to the right of the newly created instance.

From what I see on the video, clicking on that button should take me to the newly created instance and pull up the Software License and Services agreement so I can continue on with the Jamf Setup Assistant process.... but instead when I click on the link, it shows me "404 Error" and says "You've cat to be kitten me right meow. This URL Does not exist on the server. Verify that the URL is correct."


What on earth do I do???


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wait.. the instance is being built..

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I thought that if the status said operational that meant it was ready to go?

takes few days