Iphone - send pictures as attachement


Don´t know if this is the right forum to ask, but I have a issue I simply cannot solve - even it should be quite easy.

For some reason, when sending mails and I want to send some pictures, the pictures is not attached anymore - but inserted direct in the mail

I have googled a lot on this issue and some claim it is something with signature etc, but still it does not help anything. I have try and update to latest 11.2.6 IOS , but it is still the same issue

Do any have a clue how to change such an "simple" setting


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I find the whole way of adding an attachment in Mail to be the most unobvious thing I've ever seen anyway, but totally agree that sometimes I don't want an inline image. I've tried this in the Mail, Gmail and Outlook apps in iOS 11.2.5, sending to my work Gmail account, and all displayed as inline when composing. This is with no signature at all. I also see no setting in any app that allow for a "send pictures as attachments." On the recipient end they all allowed for easily downloading the image, and the one from Mail appeared as an attachment with preview while the others were truly inline with the body. I also sent an email from the Gmail website in Safari on the iPhone and on the receiving end it showed like the Mail version, an attachment with preview. So it looks like Mail is treating the pic as an attachment even though it looks inline when composing, but may depend on the client email as to how it looks on the other end.

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I'm having several users stating that they are unable to send mail that includes a picture (s).

Jamf version - 10.39.1

iOS 12.5.5 and 12.6

Size of picture - any size from KB to MB