Cannot restore iPad errors

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Hi all, we are in the middle of resetting 54 iPads for classes (non-DEP), now have one iPad that will not restore to factory, with the following error via Apple Configurator 2:

Failed to create new state machine for restore [ – 0xFB1 (4017)]

Also gives the attached screenshot error when using iTunes to try and restore, d26160621bf04226b95eab99584d3679
Can hard restart the iPad but just comes back with a blank progress bar underneath the Apple logo.

Any suggestions welcome.


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I was having the same problem with one of my carts, 15 iPads less than 6 months old. I took 1 out to troubleshoot with and had zero issues. The device restored first shot. Turned out to be the Thunderbolt cable the connects the cart to the MacBook i am running Configurator on. Not sure if it'll help in your case but give it a shot.