Cant make High Sierra Image

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Hi all,

I am trying to make a base high sierra image and everytime I use composer after I hit start it just crashes. Just went to 10.0 on both server and composer. Also having an issue where I made an install image with autodmg and when casper goes to install it says block copying, then skips it, then formats the drive, the says installing package briefly, then skips it again. It never installs the os dmg and I think it has to do with APFS. Any thoughts?


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Will you be using this image on Macs that have at one time already been upgraded to High Sierra? If not, the image won't be useful. When a Mac runs the macOS High Sierra installer, it gets several firmware updates that are necessary for High Sierra. If you deploy an image to a Mac that has never had High Sierra installed normally, it won't work.