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I am working on creating a good way to track Macs that are not communicating over MDM properly. I have several Macs that are not getting profiles installed, profile changes, and are generally not working properly with MDM communications. One way I ha...
I am working on a script that will produce an alert message using Swift Dialog if CrowdStrike has logged any malicious behaviors. This is meant for my support team who may be helping one of our users find out if CrowdStrike may be responsible for an ...
Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm trying to write a script that checks the version of macOS so I can have it trigger a Jamf policy based on the version of macOS that the computer is running. I wanted to account for all versions of Sonoma a...
I need to remove a lot of scripts from my Jamf Pro server. I inherited this Jamf Pro server from the person who held my position before. He didn't leave behind any documentation. To speed up the process I need to find out what scripts are actually in...
I use a script to update Zoom to what ever version the app owners at my company say we are allowed to install. The script runs a curl command to download the installer for the version we want, then it installs the package. It first checks if Zoom is ...
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