Carbon Black and Kernel Panics


Does anyone else here deploy Carbon Black? I've dealt with them for years and I've got nothing but kernel panics from their software. My fleet currently runs Cb Protection (bit9) version and Cb Response version I've attempted to work with their support team on many occasions but they can never give me a clear solution. Has anyone ever gotten these kernel panics to stop?


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We used CB in the past and had Kernal Panics as well. It was usually the version of CB being incompatible with the OS release. Since Carbon Black never wants to have zero day support we were unable to continue using them in our bleeding edge environment. Besides the obvious, checking your Privacy Preferences Policy Control and Kernal Extension Config Profiles. My advice would be to check the logs of what caused the KP and verify the compatibility of the sensor deployed to said Mac. Also check with your cyber team, they may have access to see what caused it as well.

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I can't speak for actual solutions here but be aware that CB is now a Dell company. A number of key staff migrated. I hope this ends up being positive for CB.