Casper Focus and 9.5

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We are having some major issues with Casper Focus since updating to 9.5. We have tested this on an iPad 2 running 7.1.2, an iPad Air running 7.1.1, and an iPad Air running 8.0 and it does not function properly on any of them. After selecting an app to focus, the app is launch on the focused iPad and then the entire app is locked. Basically, whatever screen the app launches to is the one it is locked at. No controls in the apps will work, no menus, navigation, nothing. Additionally, volume is no longer adjustable once an iPad is focused.

Is anyone else having similar issues with Casper Focus since updating to 9.5, or could this be something unique in our environment?


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@dpenny -

Hi Doug, we're aware of the issue and will be releasing a fix shortly. Thanks for your patience.


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Hi Jake,
Do you have an ETA for this fix? We have issues where Focus is not releasing from our iPads even after a complete device wipe. Thanks.

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Yes, this is November 6 and we are having this issue after our server update. In some cases I am having to restore iPads in order to get them released.