Casper Focus: Does App version make a difference?

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In my list of apps, I have Keynote version 1.7.2. Will this cause problems with app focus if a student has a different version number of Keynote?

If I need to put the new Keynote version into my list of apps, do I need to specifically scope it to anyone or is it okay just being in the list of apps for Focus to find?


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No, no need to scope it to anyone. But about your first question. We are just starting with Focus and I have Pages 1.6.1 in my app list and when I focus on Pages icon on the "teacher" iPad, my "student" iPad focuses on Pages, but the teacher iPad has the message that the student iPad may not have the app installed. Ok, I get, not the same version of the app, since we are using Pages 2.1

When I added the 2.1 version Pages to the App List, first, it would not let me add it, since "Pages" was already there, so I renamed the display name to Pages 2.x it let me add it and I see them both in the list on the Casper App webpage, but the original Pages 1.6.1 icon disappeared from Casper Focus list on the teacher iPad. When I focus using the Pages 2.x icon, I still see a message that the app may not be installed, but the student iPad is focused.

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I am receiving the same error with the CNN app. One in the classroom set is coming up with the "app may not be installed" error, however the ipad is focused on the CNN app. Is there a solution to this issue?