Casper Imaging 9.12 not performing Block Copy correctly?

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I'm having an issue where the Casper Imaging app will appear to perform a block copy of an OS X image. However, after the block copy completes, it will then proceed to erase the disk again and perform the OS install as a package install, taking considerably more time when it isn't necessary.

I've seen this issue occur when using Target Mode Imaging, and when netbooting and imaging directly on a machine.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue, and does anyone know how to fix or prevent it?


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Seeing a similar issue here now that I've set up a local JDS. All the packages have replicated, but now imaging doesn't complete correctly at all. I'm using the same netboot image and OS image that always worked with 8.x. Imaging has been updated to 9.12 and the JDS mounts successfully, but what I'm seeing is the OS DMG starts block copying, but then switches to what appears to be ditto. Once that finishes, if I open the Macintosh HD to view the contents, most of the standard folders are missing (Applications, System...) and 90% of the remaining packages fail to deploy. I'll have to dig around the logs to explore this issue further.

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The problem is probably that the NetBoot is not diskless.
Open a terminal window and drag the target disk icon from the desktop into the terminal window. If it doesn't read /Volumes/Macintosh HD (or whatever the volume is called) you have to fix the diskless issue.
Take a look at