Casper Imaging and Cloud Distribution Point Issue - HELP!

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I'm experimenting with Casper Imaging for the first time, and I've encountered an issue. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

These are the steps I've followed. If you want to skip ahead, my problem is at number 6.

  1. Cloud Distribution is setup in the JSS. I know it is set up properly because I've used it to successfully push out packages.
  2. I've uploaded InstallESD.dmg from the macOS Sierra installer to Casper Admin.
  3. I created a Configuration with InstallESD.dmg set to priority 1 and then saved.
  4. I booted the target computer in target disk mode and connected it to the host computer via thunderbolt.
  5. Using Casper Imaging, I set Target Drive to Target Mode Imaging and selected the Configuration.
  6. I cannot select the proper Distribution Point. The only option available is "Choose Local Drive".

Any suggestions? I'd love some direction.

Thank you in advance!


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I would heartily recommend not imaging from any cloud distribution points.

Either a Local AFP or SMB works best.

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Can you avoid, installing the OS? We image/enroll from a Jamf hosted Cloud Distribution point. just fine..



Hi @Mr.Einstein!

See this article, which I mistitled.