Casper Imaging Long Connect Time, OS X "Beachball"

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Anyone see this.

OS 10.8.4 client and server. OS X Server running JSS 8.7.1

Using a USB boot drive (10.8.4), with Casper Imaging app, pointing to the JSS, with correct IP address of OS X server / JSS.

Casper Imaging opens, lists correct IP of server, and takes a long time to get to login window for JSS creds.

I'd say takes at least 2-3 minutes. Not normal. In my previous environments, this is pretty quick, seconds.

Beachball ensues, eventually login window appears. Can enter creds and login and Casper Imaging is up a ready to go.

Something up on the network side, I suspect.

Using a Cisco Meraki MX 90 for our network. No DNS. Not really needed, all servers / services are cloud.




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Try deleting the Casper imaging plist file in the boot image and launch the app again, entering the JSS address and credentials. It sounds like something in the plist its trying to read is messed up or corrupted to me. The plist is in the /Library/Preferences/ directory for whatever account you're running the application under.

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