Casper/Jamf-pro vs FileWave

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Why should one choose Casper/Jamf-pro over FileWave?


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True maintenance windows and complete installation control. One of the main reasons we switched was the inability to keep patches/software from installing during peak hours. I would schedule items to download at 10pm and run at 10:30 but inevitably someone would turn a machine off and sure enough the install would start up during class.

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In my opinion, the support from jamf is a very compelling reason.
Regardless of issues, and in particular issues that skirt the edge of Apple vs. jamf issue, my support team has always stuck it out to the end.
I've never been disappointed in their work, their tenacity at solving issue or providing work arounds, or their timeliness in their communication with me.

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I second what Sandy said...

Jamf support is the best period.

I used to say Jamf support is more Apple than Apple is. However that is still not a good enough way to describe how good I think jamf support is : )


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@Sandy and @gachowski , thats a really biased answer and not really objective. What features does JAMF Pro has that > FileWave what can I do or can't do is what the OP really wants to know. Support is important but its not really a buying decision pointer.

For example, I can say the same about FileWave Support, that they are more than Apple's Support is in many ways. The main reason we steered into FileWave 3yrs ago was because JAMF sales team basically didn't want to do business with us, and some things were said from their part that didn't budge so we went with someone we could do business with.

I do have to agree with @alv2015591 , where one of the components FileWave has to work out and re-flesh is the patch management portion of their software. Its very outdated and not very flexible. Sadly it made us not bring our 9000 Windows machines into FileWave because of that component and had to go the SCCM way. But for Mac's its a really good product and it has its pro's and cons just like JAMF Casper has pro's and cons of their own.

But definitely, both FileWave and JAMF Casper are the two best choices to manage Mac computers and I like their competition, because it makes their products the best there is.

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You are right my opinion is biased, however I disagree that the OP was about features, and if it was I feel that support is a feature.

I have base my opinion in dealing with many many vendors both IT and non IT and while every companies say that have the best support, it's just not true. Jamf was the 1st vendor that I have interacted that really understands support and every other vendor I have interacted except Code42 falls short.

I will just point out two examples of how great Jamf support is...

  1. This forum, while many vendor have forum, none have the "right" mix of users and staff, if they did Jamf nation wouldn't have become "home" for Apple admins as they were not the 1st Apple admin forum.

  2. Open posts about feature requests and staff feedback about those requests. A few years ago I spent some time hunting google to see if any company has done this and I couldn't find it.