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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Hide "Your screen is being observed"

Hi all,We're trying to hide the "Your screen is being observed" message on the lock screen while using ARD. This message also appears when using a DisplayLink dock:We've tried the command below, but it doesn't affect the lock screen:/System/Library/C...  View more

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Wipe ipads and Move to New Static Group/config

I need to wipe just a few ipads and move them to a new static group. The apps will need to change, but most of the other profiles and settings will remain the same. How do I do this quickly and easily, and remotely? Can I simply select the ipads and ...  View more

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PPPC Profile randomly fails

Hi All, We use ISL for remote assistance. I added a new line as per ISL supports guidance but then the PPPC profile started to fail on random devices. I've removed the additional line but the profile is still failing on random devices. The error in t...  View more

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Bomgar and Student devices

Hello, Has anyone had any luck getting Bomgar to work with full control? I have read a few articles about using PPPC which im not familiar with. I have jump clients install on the devices, but when i remote to them im in a view only mode. The user do...  View more

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Remote Access Options

There are many thread out there and I've looked through many of them. It seems that remote access is still a bit of a challenge. In our organization we have used Kaseya, Splashtop, SolarWinds, Teams, and are now dipping into TeamViewer. Nothing has b...  View more

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Deploying TeamviewerQS

I've read differing reports here, has anyone been successful post Catalina in deploying TeamviewerQS to their clients? The below post seems to indicate all the privacy preferences cannot be deployed to fix the permissions via MDM as of that writing. ...  View more

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Apache Guacamole for Remote Mac Labs

I was wondering if anyone has experience with setting up Apache Guacamole to allow remote access to Mac computer labs? https://guacamole.apache.org Currently I have setup a test Guacamole environment that is allowing remote connections to the Macs us...  View more

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Disable macOS simultaneous login

Hi, I found this good article about how to log out another user without logging in on macOS.. However, I haven't been able to find any information online about restricting the simultaneous login session on macOS to just 1, which is similar to Windows...  View more

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VNC remote access from Mac to Mac without username

Hi, I've been trying to find any relevant info online regarding this but surprisingly without any luck. If we enable VNC viewer may control screen with password: in the System Preferences > Sharing > Remote Management > Computer Settings..., strangel...  View more

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Remote View / Control of iOS devices

Does anyone have any efficient methods in place for remote viewing / control of iOS devices? Other MDM's offer this option but Jamf does not. It is very important to have this functionality available so I am have to look at alternative solutions. If ...  View more

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blacklisting the ARDAgent

How can I blacklist the ARDAgent process from running on an enduser system ? As the agent lives in " /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ " I cannot remove it nor can I change permissions on it... Any ideas on how I can completely disable "...  View more

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ARD 3.9 admin guide?

Does anyone know where I can find the Apple Remote Desktop 3.9.x admin guide? The latest one I can find on Apple's site is 3.3. I'm trying to enable AD directory services, but the info in the 3.3 guide isn't working, so I assume there's more to it in...  View more

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Remote Support tool

Hi, Which tool do you use to remote support your Mac users? Jamf Remote is not my favorite. Today we use Dameware for remote control our Windows clients, but it's not working very well with Mac clients. Thanks for your help  View more

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Remote login/Mgt 10.12.6

(first post, be kind please) (yes I know, thread related to Sierra, believe or not, that is what we are on on our 300+ machines, no laughing please) I am trying to run a script to enable remote login/mgt. I use JSS admin account creation in the autor...  View more

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Disable Apple TV Remote in iPad/iOS in Control Centre

Our students manage to find and enable the Apple TV Remote in their iPads to mirror and mess up the school's classroom Apple TV configuration by themselves. Just wondering is there a way for the school Jamf Pro to disable the Apple TV Remote in stude...  View more

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ARD Tasks with Catalina

Hello everyone, Is anyone else having trouble installing packages via tasks in ARD 10.15.1? Normal remote installs work fine but tasks fail instantly. I've tried it on multiple machines running 10.15.1. Thanks.  View more

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Jamf remote - Weird log results from Expect script

Hey All, Can someone help explain what's going on with a script we're working with? Preface: we're required to use deepfreeze with our Mac labs, and need to supply the DF license key to each machine. Deepfreeze CLI requires that you pass the deepfree...  View more

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How do i enable remote login and remote management

How do i enable remote login and remote management on a mac 10.14.6 , machine is on a different site and i need to to enable it remotely .I have tried the script,ARD management, Do we have any other option ? I am able to just observe the machine, not...  View more

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VNC Restriction/disabling for Mojave

So I've been tasked with restricting VNC for all users. This includes not neutering "Go To Server" so that folks can use the other services if needed, and not completely disabling the Sharing preferences for the same reason. In addition it needs too ...  View more

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ARD Kickstart issue?

Hi There, I think I'm going mad. I'm trying to find the right kickstart command to DISABLE the "Show when being observed" option in the privs, for all users. I believe this is done with the "-configure -privs -ShowObserve" command: sudo /System/Libra...  View more

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cURL from Jamf Pro server?

Greetings all, If I wanted (and I do) to be able to cURL a file down from the Packages directory (or anywhere else I can stash something to be honest) on our Jamf Pro server, what would be the path to get there? Here's what I'm trying to accomplish: ...  View more

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Jamf Remote running script parameter number bug

According to the Admin Guide doco (10.14) as well as the Jamf Remote app, it looks like the script options in Jamf Remote still has Parameter 1 to 8. I think these parameters should be from 4 to 11 same as Parameter Labels in the jss web console.  View more

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