Casper Remote crashed during OS X updates

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Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing well.

I was running Yosemite OS X updates on about 40 Mac's, half were already blessed and rebooting and then I got an exception error which said Remote must close. I've had that exception before but not during a project like this. My question is, if Casper Remote crashes is it still running behind the scenes through the profile it created? Or did I get hosed on the last ones and have to start them again tomorrow?

I need to learn a little more of what is exactly happening when I create a Casper Remote session but I appreciate any response about will it continue or not.

Thank you all fro your time and the great group that you all are.

Have a great evening!


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I believe I found my answer, they continued running from the Profile. I logged back in and all of the systems were up to date with Yosemite.

My apologies for the knee jerk reaction.

Hope everyone has a great evening! Be very blessed!