Casper Remote works harder so I don't have to!

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I'm attaching a screenshot of the Casper Remote 7.3 window which shows that Casper Remote makes an absolutely heroic effort to install software.

It doesn't give a mediocre one hundred percent.
It doesn't give a Herculean one hundred ten percent.
Folks, Casper Remote puts forth an astonishing effort of nearly TEN THOUSAND PERCENT.

Yes, Casper Remote 7.3 showed a status indicating 9,775% of installing iLife 09.

And it's hard work like THAT, folks, which truly makes a difference in MY workload. I love this suite! :-)
Bryan Vines
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![external image link](attachments/bc7c8ea4e42d4caa82d6dab08fc41342)


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Bryan, At that stage it is uncommon meritorious valor worthy!

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Yeah, I submitted a screen for that this morning for 7.31. =)

It works hard so you don't have to.

Craig E

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I've had that (and still do) on 7.21. I submitted to support but they
could never repro it. Seems like someone's got the decimal in the wrong
place :)
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we've talked to JAMF a few times about it, they submitted a bug last week or they were finally able to see it reproduced in their lab.



It's just a mundane detail

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I can repro on 7.21 using pkg's..

iLife09.mpkg & UniversalType.pkg's both show this when installed via remote.

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I've been seeing it for awhile too, not sure if it started in 7.2 or
On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 4:23 PM, Ben.Toms at <Ben.Toms at> wrote:
earlier. But what you just said Ben makes sense. I only see it when
pushing PKG type files. Interesting.

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It's time for "Dead Thread Thursday"!

I'm at a customer JumpStart today and still seeing the 10000% issue display with Casper 9.73.

This is a little detail we see every every time we use Casper Remote. Would be nice just take care of it.

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I still have this feature in 9.63 as well. :)

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I have this issue on 9.72 and 9.73.

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YOU BETTER WERQ! We see this on 9.72.

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Definitely still there in 9.73.

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I hope we aren't asking Casper Remote to work less harder-er.. Maybe they can just make it go to 11 instead.

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9.81 isn't slacking off either:


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I wonder if this is caused by mpkgs where the percent is calculated off of the first package, or just not calculated in total at all.