Casper Suite 8.62 is out

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Hello everyone!

We have posted Casper Suite 8.62. There was a performance issue that some people ran into with VPP codes for mobile devices that needed to be addressed. Here is the change from the release notes:

Fixed an issue that caused the JSS to become unresponsive during periods of heavy load if mobile devices, apps, and VPP codes are in the JSS. 

You can download 8.62 here:

Have a good weekend!



Thanks dude! Perfect Timing!!!!!

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We were definitely running into issues with 8.61. Thanks for all of the support and the quick fixes!
As a heads-up, we had to restart tomcat before it would let us go through the install process from 8.62
If you get an error that reads: Something else is using specific ports and it might be tomcat or iCal server, check your tomcat server.

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Any release notes posted yet?

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Release notes are in the download - apparently, the fix posted by Zach is the only change.

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My Chrome browser looks all jammed up! Almost looks like Inter Explorer!!! Please fix?


I have just upgrade to 8.62 and I am still getting the same VPP error. The temp fix last time after receiving the message was for users to navigate to the App Store, and download the app. (The app had already been purchased through the redeem process and could be downloaded at no cost.) Now you can't even do that.