Casper Suite 8.64 is out!

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Hello everyone!

We have posted Casper Suite 8.64. This release contains over 30 bug fixes. You can find all of the details in the release notes contained in the download.

You can download 8.64 here:



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The release notes do not say what changes have been made. still has the base 8.6 version notes. can a separate doc be produced giving the exact changes for each version.

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I downloaded the windows installer, and the fixes for 8.64 were listed out in separate section below the 8.6 fixes.

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Thanks, I was expecting a single area listing what had changed not having to go to different areas of the doc to decipher changes. maybe this needs to be in the Feature Requests.

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It's pretty easy to find. All of the fixes are at the end of the document.

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That's the way they've been putting release notes together for each major sub version for awhile now. If this version was labeled 8.7, you would have only seen the changes made to 8.7, but since its an 8.6x maintenance release, it includes what changed since version 8.6 and up separated out.

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Hello, just a doubt about JSS Installation Requirements
The installer says "OS X Server 10.7 or later" while the release note says "OS X Server v10.6 or later"
I could successfully install 8.64 on a test server with 10.6.8 but was wondering if there's anything I should be aware of regarding OS compatibility/requirements.
Many thanks for your help!



Thanks for pointing out that difference between the documentation and the JSS installer for OS X. The JSS installer for OS X is incorrect and should say 10.6 or later. You most definitely can run version 8.64 of the Casper Suite on a 10.6 OS X server. This has been filed under the following tracking number, D-003657.


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I have Casper Vn 8.62 JSS running on OS X 10.6.8 without any problems.

I know that's not Casper Vn 8.64... But at least it's a Vn 8.6.x of Casper, so I would expect that Vn 8.64 would install OK on Mac OS X 10.6.8...

( I am currently using Mac OS X 10.6.8, virtualised, with Parallels, on an OS X 10.6.8 base system )
Before I install it on the live server, I'll install it on a test server, to see how it behaves.
But I won't be doing that until sometime next week.

Joel (above) says it works... (most definitely)...
So it looks like just a documentation issue...