Casper Suite 9.91 now available

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Today we released Casper Suite 9.91, a maintenance release that resolves product issues impacting accounts using LDAP or the JSS Windows Installer with Casper Suite 9.9

If you are using Casper Suite 9.9 with LDAP or the JSS Windows Installer, we recommend you upgrade to Casper Suite 9.91. You can download update installers and release notes from JAMF Nation in the "My Assets" section or contact Customer Support if you have any questions.


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I assume if we're running 9.82 we could just upgrade straight to 9.91?

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does this release have a fix for ios app auto updates? we are running 9.82 and have been advised to turn off auto update

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To that point, do D-010036 or D-006439 still exist with 9.91?

We have experienced these issues (currently running 9.82) where configuration profiles (specifically the "Login Window" having a hard-coded FALSE for require-password-on-screensaver and "Security" being set to require password immediately.

I looked through the fixes and known issues but do not see these defects listed. Is there a status page someplace for known defects and their state (fix deployed with JSS x.x, fix in development, acknowledged defect .... or something like that)

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Sadly, JAMF still hasn't made any public progress on

Until that happens:

Submit Defects here (and with your TAM):

and review them here (but consider it secondhand info compared to what your TAM gives you):