Casper Suite and Snow License Manager

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We're moving towards using Snow License Manager to help with license auditing on campus. Snow has written a plugin that interfaces with the JSS, but they haven't been able to make clear to us what the actual benefit of interfacing Snow and the JSS are. Has anyone here done so, and if so, what's the point?


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I have Snow License Manager in my environment but wasn't aware of any JSS plugin. I'd be curious to know the answer as well.

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I'll be attending a demo by Snow Software next week. I came here hoping I might find some answers on Snow and the JSS. Maybe I can get some answers next week during the demo. Anyone have a specific question they'd like for me to pose beyond the benefit of integration?

For us it will mean unifying our Windows and Mac software asset inventory (I think) in a single location from which other workflows or processes will initiate, such as generating non-compliance e-mails.

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Bump... my site has moved to SNOW and I'd like to know more about SNOW integration with the JSS. Any experiences to share?


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Any news on Snow and the integration with the JSS?

Also, how about the client installer for Snow? They sent me a .mpkg not the typical .pkg to install, but I didn't think it would work?

Any news from those using it would be most welcome.


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Bump. Interested too.

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Bump, looking at a SNOW install soon.