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Has anyone packaged Avaya IX Workplace? What I received is a .dmg file with two .apps in it - one is installer.app. Any other means than to mount the dmg, run the .app and then have users follow instructions? Would like to package and pre-configure.....
I have certain ldap users I need to give access to more than one Site - and don't want to give access to all Sites.. I therefore created a Jamf Pro User Group (non ldap) and gave it specific permissions. The members tab is blank and shows no way to a...
I'm working on a policy that calls a second policy: Policy1 - install X piece of Software (don't force restart)Policy2 - Force a restart using a Jamf helper script set with a 2.5 hour time limit. (management request) The script creates a custom windo...
We have an issue here. Our VPP is set up by to assigning hardware here to a static group for a particular application (if used by many). For the one off pieces of software, scope the computer to the software. As a whole, it has been working well. The...
An issue has shown up for some of our international techs. When they are preparing to enroll new systems, they get the log in window, but are no longer getting the window with the username and sites. When I'm screen sharing and logging in with my cre...
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