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Has anyone setup Single Sign on with Catalina OS? I heard about it in during their last event. I am up to date with the Catalina Beta but cannot find anything to set it up. towards the end of this video is where it is mentioned. We want to have the Mac users login to their computers the same way our PC (All PCs are joined to Azure) users do by using their email address and password. Any recommendations?

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Has anyone utilized the triggers for the SSO/Kerberos extension? According to the guide it'll send a distributed notification when the corporate network is online that could trigger a script that would mount a network share. See page 17.

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@_ssrussell If you haven't seen it yet, HCS has a really good article on the Kerberos SSO extension and includes documentation on how to implement scripts (they provide the necessary Distributed notification listener app as well.)

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You on Big Sur? Known issue with Big Sur and kerberos cache. If you have access to appleseed checkout release notes for 11.4 beta 1


@RBlount had a quick read. Are you, or anyone here, able to clarify the benefits of using the SSO extension over and above using NoMAD, which already has the built in script functionality/mounting of drives and other various features OOB. I appreciate the SSO Kerb extension is now apart of the Apple MDM framework/config profiles and built into the OS from Catalina onwards, but reading all the above posts, seems like a lot of extra work, and configuration and effort is required to be able to deliver what NoMAD (free version) provides with minimal config. Happy to be wrong, as keen to make this jump to the more supported built in/standard framework, if the gains are of benefit.