CBC Mac Sensor Reinstalling Itself Roughly Every 20 Minutes, Prompting Users for System Extension &

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Posting here, as well as in the VMware boards, in the hopes that someone can help me out.


Anyone having this issue? I'm using the latest CBC sensor ( & using JAMF for deployment.

I've followed all of VMware's help documentation for deployment via MDM to the letter: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Carbon-Black-Cloud-on-VMware-Cloud-Services-Platform/services/carb...

For now, I've changed the Policy Trigger to "Enrollment Complete" & Execution Frequency to "Once per computer", in the hopes that that will stop the CBC Sensor from triggering a re-install & pestering my end users.

Any advice would be appreciated. It's happening on Big Sur (macOS 11) & Monterey (macOS 12) machines, Intel & Apple Silicon processors.

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@rlahue It sounds like your CBC deployment policy was set to run on checkin with an ongoing frequency. Does that policy to update inventory on completion (pert of the maintenance payload), and do you have a Smart Group to indicate what Macs have CBC installed (which is where you need the inventory data) that you can use an Exclusion for the Scope of your CBC deployment policy?