Certificate-based WiFi

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I'm working on setting up certificate-based authentication for our Meraki WiFi system and automatically deploying that with JAMF. I've been looking into options and I found a video from JAMF that goes over setting this up using Foxpass + Symantec:

We are an AD-free environment using Meraki and this seems like a great solution. Is the procedure described in this video still relevant today or are there better options available for an environment like ours? Would love the community's input.

Thank you!


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@raymond.lyon I'm not familiar with this video, but one thing to be aware of when deploying a configuration profile for 802.1x authenticated Wi-Fi is that the SSID you're installing the configuration for must be available when the profile is installed, otherwise the install will fail. That can make things tricky if you're trying to install a configuration for your corporate network and all of your workers are currently W@H.