Have we set the record for the largest config profile


Recently we decided to use a config profile to place a user's group file share on the NoMAD share menu.

The only way we could figure out was to have every group file share in the config and tell NoMAD to only show the shares for the groups for which the user is a member.

We have a lot of group file shares. We wrote a script to generate the profile. Simple, right?

We ended up with a config profile that works perfectly. All 16,693 lines of it.

First, extreme plaudits to Joel for writing an app that copes with a configuration profile that big.

Second, have we set the record for the largest config profile in the wild?


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@mactroll needs to weigh in on this matter.

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Just wondering - how long are your login's?

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I assume we'll find out once the first one finishes up in a couple of weeks. :)

Aside from the sheer unmanageability of a huge profile (outside of always manipulating it via automation), I do wonder if there's some efficiency to be gained through scoping a lot of smaller profiles, or if that creates even more overhead.


@dlondon - logins are still incredibly swift.

@bvrooman - Yeah, I'd never go near anything a 50th of that length if it wasn't written by automation. I think it is actually faster as a single profile than a lot of little ones. It would be a lot of file access for tiny files over one big gulp.