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I am fairly new to casper, and just finished installing the JSS on a MAC OS X mini. The JSS will only be available for internal users only. I received 2 files from the network admin containing 2 files (.cer and p7b) - based on what I researched this is what I have done. All seems to work correctly but I get an exception on my browsers that say certificate was issued by an unknown entity.

I have done the following:

  1. in OS X, certificate dragged the 2 files (.cer & p7b) which gave me a "certificate"
  2. I then assigned this certificate to OSX Server and imported said certificate
  3. I went into keychain, certificates and exported the Cert & private key which generated a .p12 file (did I do this right?)
  4. I went into Casper JSS (9.22) and imported the p12 file entered a keystore password.

all seemed to apply and browser still gives me an exception. Is this normal? how can I avoid this error? besides allowing my client the to accept exception into my keychain. How does a user access the jss.mydomain.com and not receive this error?


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What CA has signed the cert?

You'll need the CA servers cert installed on the macs to stop the exception through a browser.