Change DNS with no JSS access

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I done goofed... So this isn't as much of a Casper question as it is a general Mac admin question. I inadvertently just sent home a couple dozen student laptops with a custom DNS that prevents them from checking into the JSS or opening self service. Awesome, right?

I don't care if I have to hard code a password and set a policy later to delete the file, but what are the chances of creating something the parents/students can run as standard users that clears their DNS? I have the DNS part ready. What I don't have is a way for the user to run it without admin rights. Any thoughts?

Any help for this tired admin on a fateful Friday night is greatly appreciated, perhaps in the form of a donated beverage or two. Thanks!


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With that few could you possibly email them the installer file and then use a remote tool to jump onto their machines and run the install?

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If it's a quick script to run on the laptops, it sounds like it'd be easier to email them and have them stop in while you fix it really quick.

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@tomt @brandonusher My backup plan is to offer to be at work tomorrow so they could stop by or set up a time to remote into their computers and run the script. I was just hoping there was a way to make a file executable by a standard user that can change the DNS. I'm sure this question has been answered by many a malware producer and not often used for legitimate purposes. Hm, maybe I should try a java or flash file! Ha.