Changing Windows JSS server names keep same URL

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Hi All,

We're in the middle of a server standardisation project, as part of which we have a new server naming convention, and a need to change some IP addresses.

I'm trying to establish if it is possible to change the IP address and server name of the JSS servers (and Distribution servers). We will be keeping the name 'public' names (URLs, certs etc) just changing the windows server names.

Can we do it? If not is there a migration method that doesn't require re-registering all the clients?



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Yeah this will be DNS changes, just point the URL(s) to the new IP addresses and you should be fine!

The primary one you want to worry about is the jamf URL; your distribution points are not as big of a deal and could be different if you want (these can change/be added in the settings of your JPS console).