Cherwell Service Management and JSS Integration

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Our managers are evaluating ticketing / call / service management tools and they mentioned to me that Cherwell Service Management can integrate with the Casper Suite, After looking it up, it is a manually created database connector that will import inventory data from the JSS.
Does anyone in the JAMF Nation have any experience with, or comments about, Cherwell and its' JSS integration?
This is really just a very early stage evaluation and our Mac installation is so small that the end decision will likely be made without regard to my input. I've read up on Cherwell's suite but I'd like to have some real-world info before putting forth an opinion and a search of JN came up with no results (except a job posting where it was used as the call manager).
Thanks in advance for any and all input.

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Found out today that we are moving from Service Manager to Cherwell. If anyone has info on how to connect our JSS to Cherwell it would be greatly appreciated.


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I'd like to find out more too.