Chrome blocking key combination to produce special character

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This week my support-team have encountered one of those really weird, intermittent and obscure problems that come along every once in a while.

We have several users working for a news org (will become important later on) who can't produce the – character in chrome.
This is known as an en dash and is the middle sibling of the dash family. We'we also got the dash (-) and the em dash (—).

The dash is produced by hitting the dash key. The en dash is produced by alt + - and the em dash is produced by shift + alt + -.

The issue at hand is Google Chrome, seemingly overnight, seising to recognise the key combination producing the en dash. It still accepts the normal dash and the em dash, but alt + - is no longer accepted. The unfortunate part of the story is that the users are journalists, and uses the en dash heavily as in Swedish the character is denoting that someone is talking.

To add to the story, the problem is not present on every site, but only a select few. The web version of slack is one of these sites.

Thoughts and troubleshooting steps we've been through so far are Chrome versions, keyboard shortcut settings, input language on the keyboard, forced website encoding by an add-on, OS-version. No checks, tests, roll-backs etc have done the trick so far.

Have anyone on here heard of anything alike or fiddled around with a similar issue?
Any help is greatly appreciated!


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So the problem is just in Chrome, not another browser like Safari or Firefox?

I have seen Chrome extensions that offer their own keyboard shortcuts for various features override the expected keyboard behavior, not sure if that's the case here. The test would be in a clean install of Chrome (which I'm guessing you already tested). My users couldn't type the Spanish ¡ because option+1 was remapped to another function (and it appeared "normal" in System Preferences).