Cisco Anyconnect Socket filter not active on Big Sur

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I've used Cisco's documentation:

AnyConnect macOS 11 Big Sur Advisory - Cisco



for guidance but I cannot get this socket filter to work correctly. It remains inactive, hence VPN tunnel can't be established.

Here is my configuration profile that should allow it but it's not:


image (1).png

 What am I doing wrong?


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 Did you approved the system extension? You need two different profiles (or one profile with two payloads) for Cisco AnyConnect. Also you need to pre-approve the system extension before you install Cisco AnyConnect.

Here we deploy two configuration profiles:

  1. System Extension (pre-approves the Cisco AnyConnect system extension)
  2. Content Filter (configures the socket to be used by the system extension)

Follow instructions here: AnyConnect macOS 11 Big Sur Advisory 

Thank you for replying but it looks like you didn't see my screenshots of the payload that covers both. I also have that very link in my post.

...and yes, I'm painfully aware that the payload comes before the install. Hence my frustration with it since I have to remove the package, remove the payload and restart the machine when testing any changes to make sure the new payload is in place before I do the install.