Cisco WebEx Productivity Tools

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Deploying a Cisco WebEx Productivity Tools update, the saved user info (email address, webex server name, webex password) is wiped out. Most endusers don't know their WebEx server name , or how to retrieve it. Some assume that their login is their current email address, but if they originally set up their account under the email address of an acquired company, then the Tool may still need to be set up under that address. I've looked for ways to deploy this tool and retain that info (~/Library/Containers/ Productivity Tools.plist) but launching the new version of the app resets that file. Does anyone deploy Productivity Tool updates without needing to have endusers retrieve their WebEx info from the conf.cfer site? Thanks.


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I've got the same issue. I've got an easy way to do it on the Windows side, but on Mac there doesn't seem to be some obvious way to pass that site URL to the installer.

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Anyone ever dig up more info on how to pass the URL through? My cursory google searches aren't pulling up great answers. Is there maybe a new JSON template available out there?