Citrix Workspace Package Error After Install

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I’m trying to package Citrix Workspace; I installed v2301, created the pkg with Composer, and uploaded it to JAMF.  I also packed the Config file as DMG and set it to FUT & FEU.  I installed Citrix Workspace and then replaced the Config file with my Config file, and I received an error message.
If I uninstall Citrix Workspace with the included uninstaller and then install the original downloaded Workspace 2301 file and then run the Config settings policy to replace the Config file, then Citrix Workspace opens without any issues.  I can’t figure out why the packaged version is causing so many issues; what am I missing?
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Citrix Workspace Error


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Citrix provides workspace as a .pkg that is fully deployable. Dont repackage it, just use the package Citrix gives you and be done with it.


For Citrix their package is more or less an installer, unless you are reviewing file per file to see what is needed vs not needed odds are you are missing something the app needs to function. There are also four scripts in the package that you would need to parse to see what is needed vs not needed before you attempt to repackage from source.